Voyager Speedometer Gear Drive

Cleaning and Greasing


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Voyager Speedometer Gear Drive Cleaning and Greasing
A number of VoyagerXII owners have had speedometer cable breakage and drive gear failure. They are both related. Water either gets in or condensation forms, runs down to the lower end washing out the grease in the cable and drive gear assembly. For those that don't know most petroleum based grease contains a soap base for adhesion. Many chemicals including Roundup also contain a soap base for adhesion to weeds. Water will wash a soap based grease out. When you pull the lower cable loose you might find water running out.

The drive gear seems un-repairable because there is a hollow drift pin holding the pinion bushing in place, but there is no hole on the opposite end to drive it out of. The Kawasaki Manual says to insert a 1 millimeter drill through the center of the hollow drift pin drilling out the plugged end, and then using a slightly larger bit to make the hole big enough to tap the pin out of.

I did not have 1 millimeter drill bit so I took my best guess and a 3/16" bit and drilled a hole on the plugged end until the pin became visible. I then ground the end of a nail flat that matched the size of the pin and tapped the pin right out. The drive had no grease and was just about seized up. I took emery cloth and sanded the pinion and inner surface of the bushing. I also repacked the cable and drive with waterproof synthetic grease. I only recently had a cable break.
It had over 25,000 miles on it and broke at the top instead of where the last two broke near the bottom.