Sigma Sport Speedometer Install


These pages compliments of Jeff Barnhill

Thanks Jeff from the Voyager community


.Sigma Sport BC 1400 Bicycle Speedometer
After looking for a new speedometer for my bicycle, I looked a one that looked like it would work on my Voyager. It read triple digit speeds, had average speed, 2 trip counters, max speed, stopwatch, and ride time counter. After looking at the wheel diameter from the Voyager and the front wheel programming range for the BC 1400 I was sure it would work. I needed a magnet for the front brake disk (rare earth from Radio Shack) and needed to lengthen the cable two feet.

I soldered the two cables and used heat shrink tubing on each individual piece, then used heat shrink tubing over both pieces. I used epoxy to hold the pickup coil in place after I taped it in place and tried it by spinning the front wheel. It worked great. I will replace it with the BC 1600 like I mounted on my KLR 650 due to it's reading tenths of a mph and the full screen display. There is a program on the Internet that is used to calibrate the BC speedometer better than using mile post markers. It only takes one try instead of several.

You ride from mile marker to mile marker, then compare mileage and programming number with what you actually show, then program in what the computer program shows for actual mileage and the right wheel diameter number.