Voyager XII Progressive Spring Install


These pages compliments of Jeff Barnhill

Thanks Jeff from the Voyager community

Remove Ignition Switch Cover and cable guide and let any air out of front forks.

I used the small progressive air pump to purge oil out of the forks

After the oil stopped coming out with the air pump. I pushed the forks up and down to purge any more out. Almost nothing came out. If you had the front wheel of your bike off the ground as I did I wouldn't let it back down to pump up and down on the forks the second time because the pump purged 99.9% of the fork oil. I used the measuring cup to see if the specified amount came out.

The front wheel needs to be off the ground before attempting to remove clip holding spring assembly in place. You need a helper to hold down on the machined cup holding the spring while you remove the clip.

I found a small handled pipe turning tool to get mine out.

The only parts that are reused with the Progressive Springs are the plastic cover (far right) the clip (second from right) and the plug (third from right. The steel sleeve, collar and brass filter are not reused.

The stock spring is at top and the Progressive is at bottom. Notice the spacing of the coils on the right. It is called a progressive rate when the coil winding changes from one end of a spring to the other.


Kawasaki specs are 391ml +- 2.5ml. SAE 10w20 for a 1986 model.
352ml for 87-03 models.
Oil level measured inside the forks with them fully compressed is 160mm + or- 2mm. This measurement is made with the fork off, held upright, and spring removed.